Bart and Lydia

The story of Bart and Lydia, written by Elsie about her grandparents born in the early 1900s, is more than just their story. It depicts an era.

Bart and Lydia offers a snapshot of a typical Old Order Mennonite family who chose to keep their horses when other Mennonites, and
society in general bought cars.

It tells of rationing during World War II and of some of the hardships nonresistant Mennonites faced during the wars.

Bart and Lydia tells of the struggle Mennonites and Amish faced in starting their own schools.

The book explains the Biblical teaching for the head covering the women wear.

It talks about tobacco farming and explains the demise of the dubious crop.

Follow Bart and Lydia’s family as they experience sickness, accidents, youth crowds, weddings, funerals, and the everyday challenges of
providing food and clothes for a family of thirteen children.

Struggle with them as they face the dilemma of aging and death.

This 351 page paperback documents the Old-Order-Mennonite lifestyle in one easy-to-read volume. Click the link at the top of the
column to the right to preview Bart and Lydia chapter 1.

Click this link to view a pdf file of chapter one from Bart and Lydia.

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Bart and Lydia Front Cover
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Bart and Lydia Back Cover