Simply Seven

Simply Seven is the latest edition to our theme of basic, practical, easy-to-use cookbooks.

This is the largest of our cookbooks with over 1900 recipes in 22 categories. All of the recipes have seven ingredients or less. Like our other
books, this one comes with a flexible spiral binding that allows the book to lie flat on the counter while in use. It also has a complete double-referenced index making it easy to quickly find any recipe.

Elsie Hoover started collecting recipes for simply seven over the time she was diagnosed with recurrent breast cancer. Unfortunately she was not
able to finish the project because of her illness, so I (Ray) completed the work in the winter and spring of 2012.

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Simply Seven--front cover:
Simply Seven–front cover:
Simply Seven--back cover:
Simply Seven–back cover:

Simply Seven bread divider page:
Simply Seven bread divider page:

To view the introduction to the bread section click this link.

Simply Seven breakfast divider page:
Simply Seven breakfast divider page:

To view the breakfast section in Simply Seven click on this link.