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Welcome to Homestead Publishers

Homestead Publishers was founded by Ray and Elsie Hoover, specializing in practical, easy-to-use cookbooks. We’ve been publishing cookbooks since 1989 when we released The Basics and More Cookbook

The Practical Produce Cookbook followed in 1997.

Grandma’s Recipes was published in 2003.

Most recently, Simply Seven was added to our cookbook lineup in June of 2012.

All four cookbooks are spiral bound allowing them to lie flat while being used.

In 2008 we published Bart and Lydia, a history which Elsie wrote about her grandparents who lived in Lancaster, PA. The story of their life, and how they raised their 13 children, has become, according to Mennonite historian, Amos Hoover (no relation to Ray and Elsie), the best documentary of Old Order Mennonite life available.

If you would like to understand Old Order Mennonite culture better, this book will answer your questions.

In telling the story of her grandparent’s lives, Elsie gives the Biblical basis for some of the practices that set the Old Order Mennonites apart
from society around them.

Our books are distributed throughout the eastern United States and Canada through various bulk food distributors, book distributors and seed companies. They can be found at many Amish and Mennonite bulk food stores. If our books are not available at your local bulk food store, ask the owner or manager if they would be willing to consider our books for their store.

You can also purchase our books directly from us through the contacts on this website, by phone, mail or email. Or use the links included on
the book description pages to make a puchase.

On July 24, 2010 Elsie passed away after a courageous 16 month battle with a recurrence of her breast cancer. Since then Ray has continued publishing the cookbooks.

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